Call for Freedom is a Musical Manifest to support Ukraine's struggle for Freedom and Peace. Music is a universal language that all the nations around the globe understand equally. Join us and let's make our voice as loud as never before and altogether call out: Stop the War!
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Miriam Stockley
Vocals / Lyricist
Chabuka Amiranashvili
Steve Last
Lyricist / Producer / Audio Mixer
Emma Sayers
United Kingdom
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Do you want to let your heart breathe? Don't want to be alone? Then download our instrumental track, sing your version, sing new lyrics, speak your comments, say what's bothering you - alone or with your best friend - and upload the new song back to us. We then publish the song on our page and our YouTube channel. Be there! Be loud!! Get heard!!!
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Record your own version! You can sing the existing lyrics or write a new one, record your comments or say what is bothering you!
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